Richmond Criminal Defense Lawyer

What could be more frightening than being arrested and charged with a crime? Suddenly, you are no longer in control of your life. You are at the mercy of a legal system that can be extremely confusing at best.

Who can you trust when you need an effective criminal defense lawyer?

Virginia Drug Possession Charges Attorney

Whether you’ve been charged with property damage or prescription drug abuse, you need to speak with a criminal defense lawyer that can get you results. Criminal Attorneys have been protecting the rights of people charged a variety of crimes for longer than you have been alive, and overall, they like to help you, too. Please contact today for a free initial phone consultation. Your attorney will provide skilled, effective representation and personal service to clients charged with crimes, including:

Reckless driving
Habitual traffic law offenders
Drug possession charges
Domestic violence
Assault and battery
Hit and run
Public drunkenness
Disorderly conduct
Consumption of alcohol by a minor
Firearm Violation
Illegal possession of a gun or weapon
Use of a weapon during the commission of a felony
White collar crimes inlcuding identity theft and credit card fraud
If a past misdemeanor or traffic violation is on your record, causing you difficulty in getting a job or obtaining insurance, I may be able to expunge the criminal charge, depending on your particular circumstances. Please contact my Richmond, Virginia, office today to discuss your case.

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