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The end of a marriage can bring up a number of questions: Should I file for a legal separation? How will the property be divided? Where will I live? What will happen to the children? Amidst this tumultuous time, there is one question that you should never have to ask yourself, and that is, "Is my divorce lawyer up to the job?"

I am Richmond divorce lawyer Eddy Paul Rice, IV, and I have more than 30 years of legal experience helping people like you successfully resolve your end of marriage issues. Contact me, a Virginia family law attorney, online or call 804-404-6942 for a free initial telephone consultation and case evaluation. I am committed to serving you with skill, experience, compassion and strength.

Dedicated Representation to Help Meet All of Your Needs

From my Richmond law firm, I provide dedicated family law services that are designed to help meet all of your needs, including:

As a former Captain in the U.S. Army, I take special pride in helping families deal with the challenges of a military divorce.

Addressing Your Concerns With Skill and Diligence

For some clients, the paramount issue during the dissolution of marriage is property division; for others, the central conflict involves the children. I will work diligently to address all of the concerns in your divorce, whatever they may be. I can also help you if domestic violence is an element of your divorce and you need to pursue or defend against a protective order that has been issued.

I understand that the end of marriage can have a serious emotional and financial impact. I will use my skills as a negotiator to help you reach a settlement that is fair and equitable. Sometimes, through collaborative divorce, many clients are spared the time, financial costs and contentiousness that can come along with the traditional court system. However, if you are unable to reach a settlement outside of court, I will use my extensive litigation skills to help you get the results you need.

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For help with spousal support and all other issues that arise when a marriage comes to an end, speak with me. Contact me, a Richmond divorce attorney, online or call 804-404-6942 for a free initial phone consultation to discuss your case.

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